Workforce HRMS Solutions

Development of a SaaS based Cloud Product on Badging, Timekeeping & Reporting HRMS Solutions.

This customer is pioneer in the field of Workforce & HRMS Solutions. It’s customers are spread across Americas, Asia and Europe, who use it’s flagship badging solution, timekeeping & reporting solutions. It has more than a decade of experience of catering to different work force requirements across different industry segments and continue to innovate in the way technologies are used in the solutions. It provides practical and effective IT Solutions for small and mid sized companies, specially work force and HRMS solutions cutting across industry verticals. From strategic & technical consulting, system architecture & design, support & services management to back-office improvements, they work along their customers to improve the efficiency and productivity of the business processes.
Application Requirements
The project required design, development, and deployment of two SaaS based web products. A comprehensive badging solution that provides intuitive interface for customers and sub-contractors to create and print single or double sided badges. And another product that is used for Timekeeping and Reporting for work force. Both the web products are required to be deployed in cloud where customers will have their own instances and databases.
The Business Case Challenge
The badging solution requirements needed badge design, printing on single and both side variants. A badge has logo, photo, text fields and bar code into it. The application is required to provide a drag and drop easy to design interface for users to design the badges, and then print it according to the dimensions they require for the badges. Along with it, there are privileges based badge design rendering, customer and sub-contractor based N-tier privilege and badge rendering features.

The timekeeping and reporting product has both an web and android application working in tandem to bar code scan employees reporting hours. The application captures records of in and out time, report weekly and monthly work hours, cumulative site and company wide reports for work force accounting purpose. Android app also does the scanning of the badges for in and out time, and relays the information to the web back-end.
OdiTek’s Solution
This project was approached with a 4 member dedicated ODC team for the customer, where monthly sprint plans were made and based on customer priorities, features were rolled out to the live portal. Robustness of the application platform was key, hence an entire sprint was dedicated for database and application architecture where high availability and scalability demands were visualized and added to the SaaS solution architecture.
At a Glance
This is a proprietary confidential banking application test project where two leading banks of The UK and Scotland were deploying a VAS application into their application intended for their business customers. The VAS applications included multiple packages and kits for small and medium sized businesses, and the project scope required to conduct functional tests, security, performance tests and the entire phase of UAT towards successful production. Simnovus, with more than 15+ years of test automation & domain independent testing expertise successfully collaborated with the customer from the requirements phase to post-production phase. This project required to adopt to the processes defined by the customers and use of their templates, artifacts and procedures was a learning one for the team as well.
Banking & Finance
Key Results
A very successful UAT and production phase where test coverage was cent percent covering entire gamut of tests from functional, security to performance. Several high priority defects were reported, corrections were verified. The project scope was met, automation strategy planned for the VAS applications were achieved and overall customer was very happy with the products going LIVE on time.
Technologies Used
  • OS: Linux
  • Test Automation Scripting Languages: Java, Java Script
  • Application Program & Test Scripts: RoR
  • Web Automation Tool: Selenium
  • Mobile App Automation Tool: Appium


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