Zend Framework

Zend is one of the most reputed open-source frameworks for the development of web applications. It works on PHP 5 and object-oriented extension to build consistent as well as web applications. It has the functionality to integrate third-party APIs as well. This framework comprises of all the components that are completely PHP 5 object-oriented. The web applications developed are secure, robust and easy to scale. Zend inherits the PHP simplicity, flexibility, and logic for the development process. Through the Zend framework, a wide range of web applications including portals and business modules are easy to develop. It is cost-effective and requires less time to develop high-end web application in comparison to other frameworks.

Simnovus’ expertise in Zend Framework development has evolved with the market demands. Zend Framework is the best Model View architecture for developing robust and flexible applications. We use advanced tools and technologies for Zend Framework Development services. Our team knows to deliver Zend development and integration services using Zend optimizer and Zend guard. Cost effective and highly futuristic solutions developed by Simnovus experts is the optimal way to accelerate the business growth. We are trusted by leaders of various domains as we put massive efforts in understanding client’s vision remains our guiding stick. Zend framework has become one of our core development team services as we have mastered the art of developing highly customized and optimized solutions.

Features of Zend Framework Development:

  • Provides Ultra Productive
  • Easily Reduce Coding time
  • Comprehensive Debugging
  • Test in the Cloud Easily
  • Improve Quality
Why Choose Zend

  • Flexible Modules
    Zend offers several modules for adding functionalities and thus save time in coding. In addition, the modules are flexible enough to get customized as per the business requirements.

  • MVC Architecture
    The MVC architecture of Zend framework enables effective organization of the files and coding. Also, coding is made simpler and faster because of the built-in libraries and utilities offered by the framework.

  • Useful Components
    The components like MVC, session management, RAD tools, search components, databases authentication, etc., can be used in combination with others for creating result-oriented applications.

  • Multiple Database Support
    Zend Framework supports database systems such as My SQL, Oracle, PostGreSQL, etc. Further, it facilitates porting of the database without code change, simplifying the development process.

  • Extensibility
    The PHP application or the website functionality could be easily extended by using the Zend framework. It is highly scalable for modifications and future use, ensuring that your business application is future-ready.

  • Security
    The cryptographic tools of the Zend framework ensure great security for the website or the application users as the cryptography algorithms encrypt and decrypt user data efficiently.

We have expertise with experience of 5-6 years in Architecture design and site building using Zend optimizer and Zend guard. We believe in providing a cost-effective and future enhancing solution to our clients. Following are some of the major services specific to the Zend framework that are offered by Simnovus:
  • Zend Web Development services: We are expertise in providing high performing PHP applications using Zend Framework. We deliver easy to use, high quality, affordable, and end-to-end customized Zend web development services for your business goals.
  • Zend Enterprise Web Applications: Our expert Zend developers provide comprehensive, robust and highly scalable Zend solutions for your Enterprises. We maintain transparency and high level of performance for complex or advanced enterprise applications.
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA): Web 2.0, being the future of web application development, our Zend experts build Rich Internet Application with PHP. We deploy the application and make its running easier which was never ever before.
  • Zend Website Upgradation and Migration: We migrate your existing Zend website developed by ZF-1 to the latest version Zend Framework 2 and keep your website updated and free from bugs and errors for smooth running and functionality.
  • Zend Maintenance & Support services: Our Zend maintenance and support services ease you to concentrate on business for our Zend experts keep track of bug fixes, security patches and maintenance releases that may impact your PHP applications. We render 24 hours professional support.
  • Custom Zend Development: The Zend Framework enables us to develop high-end, secure, and affordable solutions and thus we provide smart CMS, e-commerce and customized application development solution. We customize and meet the needs as per your business value and strategy.
  • Database Application Development Services: Manage your business’ critical information with an ease with highly effective database applications developed by Simnovus.
  • Zend Ecommerce Solutions: Get more secure, reliable and modern E-commerce solutions in Zend platform only at Simnovus.
  • Zend Integration Services: Give an incredible boost to plug-in and themes of the website with professional Zend integration services.

Our PHP Zend developers are well versed in developing all sorts of applications as per the business needs. We have developed the Zend based applications for various business niches. Our time-tested services with our decades of expertise enable us to serve the clients' needs effectively. The professional team of Zend framework developers at Simnovus provides the user-oriented applications which efficiently meet both the quality and functionality measures. Our dedicated approach towards robust and interactive application development services have made us the reliable industry player over the years. We always strive to meet the project's deadline along with fulfilling the customized needs of the client and maintaining our strong work ethic as well.

  • Zend Framework, Zend Engine, PHP 5.2.4, PHPUnit 3.0, Front Controller
  • Database: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, IBMDB2, PostgreSQL
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (all versions), Linux, Mac OS X, UNIX variants
  • Others: MVC architecture, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Social Engine, Eclipse PDT, REST API, Flash, SVN, LAMP, XML, AJAX, and Web Services

  • Skills

    Why Choose Simnovus

    • Technology Excellence across platforms
    • Business ideas into commercial applications
    • Domain Intensive Value Proposition
    • Significant Cost Reduction with ODC model
    • Get 2-4 weeks Risk-Free Trial before kick-start
    • Pool of expertise in Agile Teams to choose
    • Flexible work hours based on need
    • Commitment to excellence, Reliable

    Key Points

    • Competitive cost Proposition
    • Wider platform coverage
    • Business application & interface development
    • Highly trained resources
    • Commitment to Quality
    • Agile methodologies & practices
    • Deep domain & functional expertise
    • Happy international clients

    Skill Set

    • Software programming and testing
    • Cross-platform development skills
    • Multiple OS, tools, technology skills
    • Web, mobile & business applications
    • Automated testing across industry verticals
    • Optimized, high-productivity porting
    • Effective communication
    • International Project Management skills

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