Yii2 Framework

Yii2 is a free, open source community, object-oriented, component based on MVC PHP web application framework best for developing Web applications that promotes clean and highly scalable design and encourages rapid development. It works to rationalize application development and helps to ensure a remarkably productive, extensible, and manageable end product. Yii2 comes with rich features and thus can reduce your development time significantly.

Yii2 is considered to be high-performance component-based PHP framework best for website development irrespective of size of the business. It's simple and consistent, offer a clear documentation and lots of extensions. As it is open source YII2 introduce developers with mechanism or tool kit that enable smooth testing and removes the bug out. Yii2 - The ultimate open source technology that has potential to change the perception of web application development not just for today but for coming technologies in the near future and will constantly serve and empower their clients.

Simnovus’ in-house Yii2 development team is highly knowledgeable in delivering business-specific Yii2 custom web applications and website or portal development services. With the understanding of Yii2 framework libraries and development tools, our Yii2 team can render comprehensive, manageable and faster custom web applications.

Why Yii2?

    When compared with other frameworks, Yii2 offers faster performance to your application. It provides a statistics report of varied frameworks which explicitly denotes the count of requests written on the framework that is processed by second. Higher the number greater the performance of the framework.

    Several security measures like preventing cross-site scripting, cross-site forgery request, and cookie attacks are automated in Yii2 framework.

    Yii2 enables excellent customization for your application by allowing the user to add different widgets or extensions when required.

    Yii2 offers a diverse of controls for form Validation, authorization and authentication to secure your complete application.

    Like CodeIgniter, Yii2 also follows MVC architecture to build a structured, well-coded application with a layered design which is suitable for building any fast performing, secure application

    It provides several useful components to store cache information from all media. Yii2 supports meme cache, segment caching, X cache, and DB related cache.

    Yii2 is capable of working with third-party codes like ZEND and PEAR framework.

    Yii2 is enabled with auto code generation option and Error handling mechanism to develop error-free, effective coding for your application. With its code reusability function, you can add future enhancements to your existing application.

We develop apps on Yii2 PHP framework that provides small-scale and start-up businesses with the perfect initiation in the market.
  • Yii2 Web Application Development: We offer great Yii Website development services in order to develop a brilliant website. Our PHP developers have comprehensive knowledge of different functional parameters of Yii2 framework that enables them to develop highly effective web-based apps.
  • Yii2 CMS Development: We deliver reliable and secure Yii framework which is really effective and performs in a supreme manner.
  • Enterprise Solution for Yii2 Framework: Grab entire solution to your enterprise-related issues. The solutions help in fast time and reduced costs for life cycle.
  • Yii2 Payment Gateway Integration: We provide robust and secure payment gateway integration services for a smooth online transaction through the website.
  • Yii2 Modules/Plug-in Installation: Being a Yii2 development company, we are proficient in providing excellent custom plug-in installation and configuration services.
  • Yii2 Shopping Cart Development: Our PHP Yii2 developers offer the superlative shopping cart development solutions to make the checkout and payment process smooth.
  • Incorporation & Design Theme: Its high time that you enhance your particular E-commerce website with our dazzling themes of Yii2 that absolutely suits your business requirements.
  • Migration Solution of Yii: It’s really simple to migrate between various Yii platforms with the sole availability of the perfect Yii Migration solutions.
  • Yii2 Maintenance and Support: The clients can hire our Yii2 developers as we are providing ongoing support and maintenance services even after delivery of the project.

Simnovus provides wide expertise in Yii2 web development for its customers. Our team has knowledge of all the components of yii2. Our Yii2 developers have a knack in applying various functional properties of this framework such as AJAX compatibility, access control, caching support, scaffolding, authentication, and MVC, to build the industry-leading web solutions for several industry verticals.


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Key Points

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Skill Set

  • Software programming and testing
  • Cross-platform development skills
  • Multiple OS, tools, technology skills
  • Web, mobile & business applications
  • Automated testing across industry verticals
  • Optimized, high-productivity porting
  • Effective communication
  • International Project Management skills

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