Xamarin App Development

Cross-platform development yielding native performance. Xamarin is a cross- development platform that allows building apps with native API access, native UI and native performance on a shared C# codebase. Before shipping the app, Xamarin allows developing apps faster with automated testing to detect bugs. You can build Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Xamarin.

With an extensive knowledge of standards and practices of Xamarin app development, Simnovus helps organizations to create solutions that best align with their business strategies. Our team of passionate Xamarin Experts, Quality Assurance Engineers, and Designers help you turn your idea into a high performing application that is both fast and easy to maintain. Xamarin mobile apps are built on a shared codebase which allows developers to adopt “write-once-run-everywhere” approach.

Xamarin Android App Development

We develop fully native Android apps with Xamarin. Android that is indistinguishable from their Java/ Kotlin counterparts.

  • Native Android Experience
  • Fully Functional
  • Cost Effective & Time Saver
  • Build Android Wear Applications
Xamarin iOS App Development

We develop and manage native iOS applications with Xamarin iOS creating the same UI controls available in Objective-C and Xcode.
  • Uncompromised iOS app experience
  • Build Apple Watch apps with Xamarin
  • Build Apple TV apps with Xamarin
  • Hire Xamarin for iOS experts
Xamarin Forms App Development

Create native UI for iOS, Android and Windows from a single, shared C# codebase.
  • Embed native controls
  • Improves platform-specific functionality
  • Layouts optimization at compile time
  • More decoupled code
Xamarin Consulting Services

We provide you the right advice to accelerate your mobile app development and provide high-quality mobility solutions with Xamarin.
  • 25+ Xamarin apps successfully shipped.
  • 20+ Certified in-house Xamarin developers.
  • Xamarin developer and expert hiring options.
  • Help you choose between Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Native.
Services Offerings

We are a group of innovators and specialists who are passionate to offer something great and new to our clients. Possessing the expertise and wisdom on how to craft cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin, we assure apps are user-friendly, offer native-like experience and keep up with the industry’s standards. Services on offer include:
  • Xamarin App Development Services – Get intuitive apps for Retail, Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, Entertainment, Education
  • Xamarin Integration Services – Deliver capabilities like Augmented Reality, Location-based awareness, Customer Engagement
  • Xamarin Maintenance & Support Services –Dedicated support team for your Xamarin Apps
  • Xamarin Developers – Get the best resources for your ongoing & upcoming projects
  • Cross-platform app - Our experts have the capability to develop native Android and Windows apps using up to 30% of iOS app code. It saves client’s investment and time to land an app in the market.
  • Xamarin Consulting Services
  • Xamarin For Enterprises
  • Xamarin For Startups & MVP
Technology Expertise

Our team delivers cutting-edge application products on Xamarin and C# by scoping what’s best for clients. Our Xamarin mobile app development solutions are molded in the manner to make you accomplish your business objectives. The solutions are designed to enhance customer satisfaction and engagement with the company and its products.
  • Highly Skilled C# and ASP.NET developers
  • Well versed in Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, and NuGet Package Manager
  • Automated App testing with 2000+ real devices using Xamarin
  • CloudObject-based UI Testing
  • API Integration
Skills and matrix

  • At Simnovus, we leverage Xamarin technology to develop effective Native UI apps for all major platforms. With expertise in working with Objective-C, C#, and Java, our team of professional developers delivers exceptional quality of apps using Xamarin.
  • We have implemented Xamarin cross-platform application development to create apps like Vehicle Inspection Management System, Azure-based Global Money Transfer platform, Multi-channel Live Streaming Radio Solution to name a few.
  • We combine practical knowledge with technology to provide an ultimate outcome of their work in the form of Xamarin application. We help our clients to provide maximum return on investment through efficient, affordable, and simultaneous development.
If you are looking forward to hiring experienced Xamarin Mobile app Developers, then we can be your desired partner. Our dedicated team of Xamarin developers has proven experience and in-depth knowledge of Xamarin technology and hence, they can work efficiently on your project. Contact our experts to discuss how we can transform your idea into a high-quality Xamarin application.


Why Choose Simnovus

  • Technology Excellence across platforms
  • Business ideas into commercial applications
  • Domain Intensive Value Proposition
  • Significant Cost Reduction with ODC model
  • Get 2-4 weeks Risk-Free Trial before kick-start
  • Pool of expertise in Agile Teams to choose
  • Flexible work hours based on need
  • Commitment to excellence, Reliable

Key Points

  • Competitive cost Proposition
  • Wider platform coverage
  • Business application & interface development
  • Highly trained resources
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Agile methodologies & practices
  • Deep domain & functional expertise
  • Happy international clients

Skill Set

  • Software programming and testing
  • Cross-platform development skills
  • Multiple OS, tools, technology skills
  • Web, mobile & business applications
  • Automated testing across industry verticals
  • Optimized, high-productivity porting
  • Effective communication
  • International Project Management skills

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