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Swift programming is considered as the most preferred programming language when it comes developing apps for iOS platform. iOS platform is no more limited to iPhone or iPad. With so many other devices (besides iPhone and iPad) with iOS platform available in the market like Apple Watch, Apple Desktops, Apple TV the development of user-friendly apps which can work on multiple devices has become quite challenging.

Apple products owe a lot to Swift programming language for its loyal customer base. The multi-paradigm compiled language is responsible for the jaw-dropping features provide by applications running across iPhones, Macs and Apple Watches. Employing such a powerful language to provide some magnificent application requires skills that don’t come with mere guesswork. Flit Webs’ has the right skill that you need for building your swift applications. Our experienced swift app developers know how to control this beast of a language and put it to your use.

On what ground does Simnovus helps with Swift Development: -

  • iOS App Development
    We are a Swift iOS App Development Company in India with highly skilled iOS developers who have the experience to develop stunning iOS Apps. This includes Apps for wearable devices as well as iPhones.
  • Develop custom iOS Apps
    We support several technologies and have strong dedicated team of developers to develop custom iOS Apps.
  • iPhone Application Platforms
    We develop iPhone Applications using the Swift programming language. This allows us to take advantage of all the advanced features of the iPhone as well.
  • iPhone App Design
    We design iPhone App Designs that are user friendly and optimized for the mobile interface. Our designs are innovative and practical which makes implementing the dynamic features easier.
Why develop app using Swift Technology?

Swift is fast, safe, modern, and enables a level of interactivity in development. It contains a number of features such as closures, generics, and type inference that make it much easier to use, simplifying common patterns used in Objective-C. It combines features of both C and Objective-C, without having direct built-in C compatibility and all the constraints that come along with it. With the support of Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, Swift completely redefines our understanding of mobile app development for Apple products.
  • Rapid development process
    A clean and expressive language with a simplified syntax and grammar, Swift is easier to read and write. It is very concise, which means less code is required to perform the same task, as compared to Objective-C. Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) does all the work tracking and managing the app’s memory usage, so developers don’t need to spend time and effort doing that manually. Accordingly, it usually takes less time to build iOS apps with Swift.
  • Easier to scale the product and the team
    In addition to faster development time, you get a product that is future-proof and can be extended with new features as needed. Thus, Swift projects are typically easier to scale. The fact that Apple is more likely to support Swift than Objective-C should also get serious consideration for long-term investment. Moreover, Swift allows you to add more developers to your team if needed: The onboarding is relatively fast due to the simplicity and conciseness of the codebase.
  • Improved safety and performance
    As suggested by its name, Swift is made to be swift. With a focus on performance and speed, the language was initially designed to outperform its predecessor. Over the years, multiple benchmarks and tests conducted by individual developers have proved that. Moreover, there are many ways to optimize Swift code for even better performance.
Services Offerings

Simnovus offers Swift iOS App Development Services from conceptual design to quality control, from implementation to release, from an upgrade to maintenance. Our iOS Swift app development team has gained pace and multiple enterprises are benefiting with our expertise. We deliver high-performance and engaging iOS applications catering to business verticals. With our Apple Swift application development services, you can optimize business performance and drive innovation. Our Development Services Includes:
  • iOS9 App Development with Swift
  • Mapping of existing iOS7 Apps to iOS8 or iOS9
  • Objective C App Development
  • Converting objective C apps to Swift
  • Make iPhone and iPad apps in Swift
  • Development Services for an updated version using Swift
  • Audio/Video, different categorized streaming apps
  • Socket Communication and Development with Swift
  • Swift Apps Support and Maintenance
Our Engagement Model
Though we hold an expertise in developing iOS Apps with Swift, we are not just a Swift iOS App Development Company; we are also pro at developing iOS Apps with Objective C, Android Apps, and Web Apps. Brief Engagement Model that we follow for Swift iOS App Development involves Ideation, Planning, UI/UX Design, Coding, QA/Testing, and Deployment!

  • Ideation: Refining the app idea and streamlining the whole concept for your iOS app
  • Planning: Defining of project processes, resources, processes involved and prototyping the product
  • UI/UX Design: Well iterated design of the app being developed with an intuitive, effective and engaging designing
  • Coding: Seamless coding with Swift to provide you an efficient, smooth and fast iOS app
  • QA and Testing: From concept evaluations to look and feel, and from position to feature implementation, we test everything thoroughly
  • Deployment: Well-defined handling over and release plan for smooth deployment of an app developed
Skills and matrix
Being a prominent Swift iOS App Development Company, we are backed by a strong Swift iOS App development team offering high performance and highly reliable Swift iOS App Development Services helping businesses turn their ideas into reality. Our team develops apps based on the latest iOS Trends and technologies – giving you the distinct advantage.

  • We provide extensive domain and technology expertise to design, develop, deploy and manage your Swift iOS apps from the Ground Up.
  • We have domain experienced and functional knowledge to develop custom Swift applications that are secure, robust and engaging to effectively meet your objectives and also improve your Business ROI.
  • We provide cost-effective iOS swift development solution and build a strong relationship with our clients.
Hire our Swift Specialists to develop an app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, wearables, and iBeacons with less coding and no bugs. The language of next-generation iOS Apps, Swift gives the experience of a smooth transition to your existing application that is totally compatible with newly launched iOS 11. Our Swift App Programmers have started developing apps for iOS platform in Swift 4.


Why Choose Simnovus

  • Technology Excellence across platforms
  • Business ideas into commercial applications
  • Domain Intensive Value Proposition
  • Significant Cost Reduction with ODC model
  • Get 2-4 weeks Risk-Free Trial before kick-start
  • Pool of expertise in Agile Teams to choose
  • Flexible work hours based on need
  • Commitment to excellence, Reliable

Key Points

  • Competitive cost Proposition
  • Wider platform coverage
  • Business application & interface development
  • Highly trained resources
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Agile methodologies & practices
  • Deep domain & functional expertise
  • Happy international clients

Skill Set

  • Software programming and testing
  • Cross-platform development skills
  • Multiple OS, tools, technology skills
  • Web, mobile & business applications
  • Automated testing across industry verticals
  • Optimized, high-productivity porting
  • Effective communication
  • International Project Management skills

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