Silex Framework

Silex is a micro web framework written in PHP and based on Symfony, Twig (template engine) and Doctrine (database abstraction). It is MIT Licensed. It is lightweight and easy to add features as you need. It is built with symfony components. The general purpose of Silex is to be as lightweight as you need it to be, as it is made for it to be as easy as possible to add features and extend the Silex base. Silex can be used for the creation of small web applications (e.g. REST APIs) as this is the main case for micro frameworks, however Silex can be extended into a full stack MVC framework.

Silex comes in two available versions; 'fat' and 'slim'. The difference between these being that the fat version is fully featured and includes database abstraction, a template engine and various Symfony components. Whereas the slim version just comes with a basic routing engine.


The microframework provides the guts for building simple single-file apps. Silex aims to be:

  • Concise: Silex exposes an intuitive and concise API that is fun to use
  • Extensible: Silex has an extension system based on the Pimple micro service-container that makes it even easier to tie in third-party libraries
  • Testable: Silex uses Symfony's HttpKernel which abstracts request and response. This makes it very easy to test apps and the framework itself. It also respects the HTTP specification and encourages its proper use
  • Silex development process is built on Symfony 2 components, that’s why a developer can create an alternative interface for components. Both frameworks have the same basis, so they interact easily
  • Basically, Silex is a controller framework. In other words, though Silex has a certain structure, templates, models, and display are handled by other libraries
  • Due to the fact, that controllers should not contain business logic if you will take out the code and leave light controllers, the number of functions will be the only factor that limits the size of your project

If you don’t want to have a high affinity for class hierarchy, which doesn’t allow you to change template engine easily, Silex will work fine in the case of writing an application from the start.

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