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Appium is an open source mobile Functional UI tool having support for automation of Android, iOS as well as Mozilla Firefox OS. Not only does it support automation across above platforms, it also has support for Native, Hybrid as well as Mobile Web apps. It is based on Selenium WebDriver JSON Wire protocol. Appium is built on the idea that testing native apps shouldn't require including an SDK or recompiling your app. And that you should be able to use your preferred test practices, frameworks, and tools. It also helps to achieve high coverage rates by testing outside of your app (SMS, network, settings, and third-party integrations for complex use cases such as code scanning or fingerprint authentication. Guaranteed rapid version and beta support.

Why Choose Appium for Mobile App Testing?

    a> By using the vendor-provided automation frameworks (XCUITest for iOS, UIAutomation for Android, WinAppDriver for Windows), there is no Appium-specific or third-party code to be compiled into your app. This means you’re testing the same app you’re shipping.

    b> By wrapping the vendor-provided frameworks in the WebDriver API (aka “Selenium WebDriver”) that specifies a client-server protocol (JSON Wire Protocol), Appium testing tool enables you to use a variety of frameworks and programming languages. And because WebDriver has become the standard for test automation with web browsers (W3C Working Draft), it’s not necessary to do anything different for mobile.

    c> As a popular open source solution, there is ample support from the developer community who are constantly refining it.

    d> Appium iOS testing satisfies the requirements that test engineers demand for a mobile test platform:
    • Commonly used programming API’s can be integrated.
    • Can run app through Appium server without manipulating the app.
    • No source code required (unlike Robotium).
    • CI compatible with Jenkins.
    • Runs on Selenium Grid.
    • Works with real devices or simulators, or even devices provided by cloud services.
    • Doesn’t require an APK.
Android App Automation Testing with Appium:

  • Multiple client Library support like JAVA, Python etc.
  • Support for Activities, Native Views, Web Views etc.
  • Based on JUNIT (For Client Library: Java), so option for Unit testing
  • No need of Application resigning
  • Test scripts can be developed with or without source code
  • Script execution in both Emulators and Real devices
iOS App Automation Testing with Appium:

  • Multiple client library support like Java, Python etc.
  • Based on Selenium JSON Wire Protocol
  • Script execution in both Simulators and Real devices
  • Supports interaction with Native as well as Web views
  • Based on JUNIT (For Client Library: Java), so option for Unit testing
Benefits of using Appium as automating tool:

  • Cross platform tool (iOS, Android, Windows etc.) which enables reuse of code using same API
  • Doesn't require access to your source code or library
  • Supports software test automation on emulator or simulator and physical mobile devices too

Appium helps reduce the shipping time of mobile applications. Automating the test cases allows the testers to validate more features faster. Thus, it helps ship the product faster. The test scripts can be made to run on actual devices if available. If not, the same can also be run on emulators/ simulators. Written in Node.js, Appium server implements the selenium web driver that allows platform independence. This enables the user to run the same code on Android and IOS devices. Another advantage is that Appium scripts can be written in all the scripts supported by Selenium; for example, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and Python or C #, among others. It does not modify mobile applications as calabash automation tools do.
In the current pool of automation tools available for mobile application automation, Appium tool is a clear winner in terms of versatility. We have a well-supported and dedicated team of experienced mobile app development professionals and testers with 5+ years of average experience.

APPIUM Based Automation Testing Services
Mobile App Testing Services
Our Mobile App Testing Team comprises of a unique combination of skilled software engineering and testing teams with proven expertise in testing tools and methodologies to offer a wide range of testing solutions. We offer our services across all major Mobile Devices, Platforms, Domains and Operating Systems. The Mobile App Testing team works in coordination with iOS App Development Team and Android App Development team, which also helps them in seamless app testing.

iOS and Android App Testing Services
Simnovus provides iOS and Android Automation Testing services using Appium with a customizable framework based on clients’ needs. We follow a flexible methodology in making the implementation of the automation projects to be bundled with building tools like Maven, Ant and Continuous Integration (CI) tools like Jenkins/Hudson. We have adopted a Hybrid approach to make automation projects keyword as well as data driven. We also provide automated android app testing using Robotium and Selendroid.


Our test engineers can help you to identify when & what to automate, create robust reusable test cases, execute & enhance regression tests, and maintain automated tests alongside application changes. We can thus help you achieve optimum automation coverage of your application, accelerate time to market, reduce operational costs, and realize your quality vision.
    • Robust scripts with faster execution
    • Easy integration with building tools like Maven , Ant
    • Smooth integration and execution with Continuous integration tools like Jenkins
    • Complete Hybrid Framework supporting Keyword driven and Data driven approach
    • Fully customizable report generation in HTML , Spread sheets, CSV with Screen shots for failed tests and detailed information of test failures in reports
    • Full control over test cases to run or skip a test


Why Choose Simnovus

  • Technology Excellence across platforms
  • Business ideas into commercial applications
  • Domain Intensive Value Proposition
  • Significant Cost Reduction with ODC model
  • Get 2-4 weeks Risk-Free Trial before kick-start
  • Pool of expertise in Agile Teams to choose
  • Flexible work hours based on need
  • Commitment to excellence, Reliable

Key Points

  • Competitive cost Proposition
  • Wider platform coverage
  • Business application & interface development
  • Highly trained resources
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Agile methodologies & practices
  • Deep domain & functional expertise
  • Happy international clients

Skill Set

  • Software programming and testing
  • Cross-platform development skills
  • Multiple OS, tools, technology skills
  • Web, mobile & business applications
  • Automated testing across industry verticals
  • Optimized, high-productivity porting
  • Effective communication
  • International Project Management skills

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