AngularJS Development

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based development framework to build RICH web applications and Single Page Application (SPA). AngularJS, mainly used in single page application, is a JavaScript based open-source front-end web application framework maintained by Google and a community of individuals. Simnovus being AngularJS web development company endeavours to improve both advancement and testing of uses by giving a framework compatible with Client-side model View Controller (MVC) design and RESTful APIs. Summing up with cutting-edge tools and latest technologies along with the complex business needs, our AngujarJS Developers strive to offer mobile and web applications that are secure, strong, simple to keep up and extensible to incorporate extra highlights.

Our AngularJS Developers can also build large scale, high-performance web applications and Single Page Applications, which is easy to maintain. Our developers using cutting-edge tools and latest technologies thus offers brilliant and extensive AngularJS development services. Using the exclusive AngularJS features, such as Two-Way Data Binding, HTML Template, Directives, Dependency Injection and Testing, our developers build a data-driven web application. With us you can build better customer network with access to latest tools and technologies thus allowing the development of cost-effective mobile applications.

Benefits of Using AngularJS

  • It has all things necessary for front-end development. Developers need not worry about other structures or modules and can build data-driven web applications using JavaScript framework easily.
  • AngularJS uses declarative programming, where the developer tells the system what to do and need not worry about how it is actually being done.
  • It is highly secure and requires less coding. The construct and the design are in-built and simple to grasp. Hence it is perfect for any Ajax-based or Single Page Application (SPA).
  • It is a JavaScript MVC framework which is very simple and quick to begin with. All you need to get started is to add a few elements in the HTML. It enhances HTML and helps to pull out the controller function and in building dependency between controller and template.
  • Web Developers hail this framework because it is sturdy, comfortable, easy to use and preserve and has spontaneous features. Building web programs, the use of AngularJS is accurate, truthful and brief.

1- Client side web-development.
2- CMS web development.
3- Mobile APP development.
4- Automation testing.


We have a dedicated team of developers with knowledge & expertise to develop web / mobile applications over the model–view–controller (MVC) framework. As AngularJS development is packaged with a built-in end-to-end and unit test runner setup and it is testable from the ground level, it ensures quality development by default.

  • Dynamic Web application Development
  • Customization & maintenance made possible
  • Video and Audio Portal Development
  • Development of Parallax Design
  • Internet rich application development
  • User Interactive module development
  • Extendable HTML defines Structure & functionality
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Custom widgets can be built with the help of directives
  • Create web template by simply expanding HTML vocabulary


We’re looking at more than 10 of the best IDEs, text editors, tools for testing & debugging, modules and development tools and apps for building with Angular.

1- IDE and Text Editor
a) webstrom
b) Aptana
c) Sublime Text

2- Testing and Debugging tools
a) Karama
b) Jasmine
c) MochaJS
d) Protractor
e) Angular Batarang
f) ng-inspector


Why Choose Simnovus

  • Technology Excellence across platforms
  • Business ideas into commercial applications
  • Domain Intensive Value Proposition
  • Significant Cost Reduction with ODC model
  • Get 2-4 weeks Risk-Free Trial before kick-start
  • Pool of expertise in Agile Teams to choose
  • Flexible work hours based on need
  • Commitment to excellence, Reliable

Key Points

  • Competitive cost Proposition
  • Wider platform coverage
  • Business application & interface development
  • Highly trained resources
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Agile methodologies & practices
  • Deep domain & functional expertise
  • Happy international clients

Skill Set

  • Software programming and testing
  • Cross-platform development skills
  • Multiple OS, tools, technology skills
  • Web, mobile & business applications
  • Automated testing across industry verticals
  • Optimized, high-productivity porting
  • Effective communication
  • International Project Management skills

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