NFV & SDN Testing

NFV, SDN Product Development & Testing Services for core network elements, routers,switches.

NFV, SDN Product Development Testing Services

Simnovus’s NFV & SDN Testing CoE
We have complete set of interface and protocol expertise that can effectively be used in functional and load testing of NFV and SDN network elements. In NFV functional testing area, we can test NFV Service Metrics, QoS and Data-plane metrics,QoE and Control-plane metrics etc.
What is NFV ?
Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is a network architecture concept that proposes using IT virtualization related technologies to virtualize entire classes of network node functions into building blocks that may be connected, or chained, together to create communication services.
NFV relies upon, but differs from traditional server virtualization techniques such as those used in enterprise IT. A VNF consist of one or more virtual machines running different software and processes, on top of industry standard high volume servers, switches and storage, or even cloud computing infrastructure, instead of having custom hardware appliances for each network function.
Transition to NFV, Cloud and SDN-based infrastructure paves a range of opportunities to innovative services. However, as network functions are moved from dedicated hardware to cloud infrastructure, an additional performance impact is introduced in network services. Hence, service providers need to assess the potential impact of SLA metrics due to transition to NFV.
NFV Framework
The NFV framework consists of three main components.
Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) are software implementations of network functions that can be deployed on a Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI).
NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) is the totality of all hardware and software components which build up the environment in which VNFs are deployed. The NFV-Infrastructure can span across several locations. The network providing connectivity between these locations is regarded to be part of the NFV-Infrastructure.
Network Functions Virtualization Management and Orchestration Architectural Framework (NFV-MANO Architectural Framework) is the collection of all functional blocks, data repositories used by these functional blocks, and reference points and interfaces through which these functional blocks exchange information for the purpose of managing and orchestrating NFVI and VNFs.
At a Glance
Simnovus focusses on testing new technologies & technology generations. It aims to be a preferred partner for enterprises that develop software products based on Telecom Wireless, along with providing QA / Testing services (products & services).
  • Focussed on Telecom Wireless, Mobile & Internet technologies
  • Expertise on telecom product development (Wireless), strong on all latest technologies in telecom wireless networks (SIP, IMS, VoLTE, LTE..). We have telecom teams who are one of the first ones in India who worked on LTE & Air Interface.
  • Deployment, testing of telecom network equipments and solutions on NFV environments.Focus on implementation, support, development, upgrade, rollouts & QA services in NFV&SDN.
  • Simnovus brings in a very strong competency pool and experienced professional expertise that makes project commitments more reliable and consistent.
  • Proven offshore delivery model to provide competitive edge
Key Service Offerings
  • Product Development on C, C++, Java
  • Field deployment & testing of Telecom Equipments
  • Regression, Load Testing
  • Bug tracking; test plans & execution
  • Sanity & regression tests of new packages/baselines
Key NFV & SDN Specialities
  • NFV Service Metrics
  • QoS and Data-plane metrics
  • QoE and Control-plane metrics
  • Scalability
  • Performance Testing
  • Failover Convergence Testing
  • EPC Nodes and Network elements testing
  • Policy and Charging Control Testing
  • Usage Reporting and Monitoring


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