Insurance Application Testing

Manual and Automation tests for Insurance applications. Testing Secure, Fast & Reliable software & solutions for the insurance products.

About Customer
Customer is the No 1 Insurance solution provider in Malaysia. Some of the best health insurance and general insurance products are served to customers across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia via multiple channel partners and insurance third party administrators.
Test Requirements
Insurance products offer a variety of challenges for testing because of multiple stakeholders involved, TPAs as well as agents. Test coverage always require inclusion of all use cases from different perspectives not always from end user perspective.
The Business Case Challenge
Major challenge for the project was test coverage and putting up test automation into the existing legacy insurance product solution. The product had a number of features and test case coverage was huge for automation inclusion within a time span of 6 months. As usual security and performance are major areas for validation.
Simnovus’s Solution
Based on the Requirement Traceability Matrix, quality assurance team brought up the test strategy, functional test plans, security test plans, performance test plans and over all UAT Strategy. Test Automation was part of the test solution & performed for the Insurance products. Usage of 3rd party tools done for security as well as performance tests.
At a Glance
This is a proprietary confidential insurance application test project where the customer was deploying a re=engineered existing legacy insurance application intended for their customers as well as TPAs and agents. The insurance applications included core business processes of insurance policy administration, rule engine, claim management, service and support processes, and the project scope required to conduct functional tests, security, performance tests and the entire phase of UAT towards successful production. Simnovus, with more than 15+ years of test automation & domain independent testing expertise successfully collaborated with the customer from the requirements phase to post-production phase. This project required to adopt to the processes defined by the customers and use of their templates, artifacts and procedures was a learning one for the team as well.
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Key Results
A very successful UAT and production phase where test coverage was cent percent covering entire gamut of tests from functional, security to performance. Several high priority defects were reported, corrections were verified. The project scope was met, automation strategy planned for the Insurance applications were achieved and overall customer was very happy with the products going LIVE on time.
Technologies Used
  • OS: Linux
  • Test Automation Scripting Languages: Java, Java Script
  • Application Program & Test Scripts: .Net, Java
  • Web Automation Tool: QTP, Selenium
  • Mobile App Automation Tool: Appium


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